Hernan De Majo

An Argentine living in London. He's background is food engineering, cooked in restaurants in Buenos Aires and collaborates with designers and artists in London. He is the heart and soul of the kitchen, constantly searching for ingredients, developing new dishes, recipes and menus.

Renata Brenha

A Brazilian living in London. She is a fashion designer, who is also very into food styling  and designing the experience. She is the one making the space magically beautiful. Her preciousness for aesthetics will ensure a very refined experience.  

Daniela Peres 

Living in Sao Paulo, she is the sommelière. Dani has a broad expertise and exquisite taste for wines specially when it comes to the secrets of a perfect pairing. Her passion about wine and knowledge on South American producers takes the experience to a whole new level.

Silvana Brenha Ribeiro

Living in Sao Paulo, is the most amazing home cook we have ever met. She brings years of experience in Brazilian food and a fantastic intuition for combining the most diverse type of ingredients. She gives invaluable advises, new ideas and helps to find the best ingredients to share with London.